Time of death Vedic astrology | Markesh Dasha in Kundli

Time of death Vedic astrology | Markesh Dasha in Kundli

 Time of death Vedic astrology -Part 1


In Vedic astrology, Ascendant (1st) and eight (8th) houses of the birth chart are important with respect to longevity. The first house controls the health, recovery from diseases and the immune system of the body.

Eight house controls the lifespan of a person. It is the primary house of longevity and affliction to this house and its lord affects the lifespan of a person.

Lifespan is of three types i.e. short, medium and long.  A person can live a maximum of 120 years as per our Vedic astrology. But with our careless eating habits and bad lifestyle, it is difficult to live up to maximum years. Now an average lifespan is 60 years and crossing 70 years is like a big achievement.


Marak Houses and Dasha of its lords


Let us understand the concept of Marak houses and its lords. We will also see the study chart later in this article for a better understanding of this concept.

Eight (8th) house is the primary house of longevity or we can say it is the house of death. Third (3rd) is the secondary house of longevity. The logic behind this is that the third house is Bhavat Bhavam of eighth house. That means if we count 3rd house from 8th house, the count will be 8th in number.

12th house from any house negates the significations of the 1st house. For eg. 1st house of the birth chart represents our body and 12th house of the birth chart shows the destruction of the body. Likewise, 12th houses from the house of longevity are Marak (death inflicting) houses and its lords are Markesh (Death inflicting planets).


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7th and 2nd houses are Marak houses of the birth charts because these houses are 12th from the houses of longevity i.e. 8th and 3rd houses. 12th house of the birth chart is natural death inflicting house being 12th from Ascendant. Also, the affliction of the 8th house and its lord can also give death in its own dasha (Major period) or antardasha (Sub-periods) depending upon the longevity.

Lord of the ascendant in combination with Marak houses or 8th house is also capable of giving death if both ascendant and its lord are under heavy affliction by malefics.


Time of death Vedic astrology -Markesh Dasha in Kundli


Whenever dasha (Major period) or antardasha (Sub-periods) of Markesh starts running, one should be careful. Death takes place when longevity comes to an end, But if longevity is still left and Markesh dasha or its antardasha starts, there can be serious troubles related to health. Also one needs to be careful with accidents or any untoward incidents in its periods.

Dasha and antardasha periods create events in life and transits deliver those events. So also we need to examine transits whenever there are a bad dasha and antardasha is in place. We need to examine carefully the transits of malefics such as Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Transit of natural malefics on 64th navamsa and 22nd drekkana brings sudden and serious health issues and if longevity touches its limit then even death may also come to the person. We will discuss the concept of 64th navamsa and 22nd drekkana in detail in further articles.

Now, let us take a chart of a child. Details of the child are as follows:

Basic Details 
Date of Birth29/12/2003
Time of Birth04:15 AM
Place of Birth

Date of Death01/01/2005

Time of death Vedic astrology

*Retrograde (Vakri)
#Combust (Asth)

Planetary Positions are as follows:

PlanetsSignNakshatra (Pada)Degree
AscendantScorpioAnuradha (3)11:22:56
SunSagittariusMoola (4)12:52:17
MoonAquariusPurvaBhadra (2)25:46:33
MarsPiscesUttraBhadra (4)13:24:43
Mercury(R)(C)SagittariusMoola (3)08:22:07
JupiterLeoPurvaPhalguni (4)24:56:08
VenusCapricornShravana (2)15:33:12
Saturn(R)GeminiAridra (3)16:05:39
Rahu(R)AriesBharani (4)23:57:15
Ketu(R)LibraVishaka (2)23:57:15

This child took his last breath on 01-01-2015 and the day was the birthday of his elder brother. Losing the younger child on the birthday of the elder child was a big shock for the parents. This child died due to accidental fall from a height near to his house and the death was immediate.

Running Dasha at the time of death was Venus Bhukti (Sub-period) in Jupiter Mahadasha (Major Period). We can clearly see that Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd house of the birth chart and Venus is the lord of the 7th house.

Placement of Rahu and Saturn is in 6th and 8th house respectively. Both planets aspects second (2nd)  house and its lord Jupiter, due to which 2nd house and its lord are under heavy affliction.

Mercury is the 8th and 11th house lord and a strong functional malefic planet for Scorpio ascendant. Mercury as an 8th lord controls longevity. Rahu and Saturn afflict Mercury from their positions which affected the longevity of the child.

Transits were also not favourable at the time of death which we will discuss in the next part of this article. So in final words, we can say that depending upon the longevity, Marak planets play their role in deciding the end of the life of a person.

Even If markesh is well placed and promises rajyog, dhanyog or any other shubh yogas in the birth, it will still act as a markesh. So the dasha will bestow good results to the person but at the same time, it may take the life of a person.

Time of death Vedic astrology -Markesh Dasha in Kundli