Neecha Vargottama in Vedic astrology | Neecha Vargottama

Neecha Vargottama in Vedic astrology | Neecha Vargottama

Neecha Vargottama in Vedic astrology

There are many concepts in Vedic astrology which are not only important but crucial as well.  Likewise, there is one concept which is  Neecha vargottama in Vedic astrology which we will also try to understand with help of the case study later in this article.

Let us know first Exaltation and Debilitation Signs of planets which are as follows:

RahuGemini (Taurus as per another school of thought)Sagittarius (Scorpio as per another school of thought)
KetuSagittarius (Scorpio as per another school of thought)Gemini (Taurus as per another school of thought)

Neech Vargottama consists of two words one is Neecha which means debilitation of a planet.  Another word is Vargottam which means that the planet is in high dignity in the divisional chart (Uttam in Varga).

The divisional chart here refers to Navamsa chart only.  Any planet in Navamsa chart is strong and able to give results in full, whatever it promises in Birth Chart.

Vargottama is a unique concept and any planet in vargottama are auspicious and bestows some type of unique ability to the person.

What type of ability the person may get will depend upon, which planet it is and which houses that planet owns in the birth chart.

A planet is in vargottama if it occupies same sign in the Birth chart (D1) and Navamsa (D9), For e.g., if Jupiter is in a sign of Gemini in both D1 and D9.

The planet gives result what it promises in Birth Chart in its Major period (Dasha Period) and sub-periods (Antardasha). Its results would depend upon house placement, sign, aspect, and its conjunction with the other planets.


There are also many other aspects which we need to examine before judging the results of a planet. In general, there are four possibilities :


  1.  When a planet is in exaltation sign in the Birth chart (D1) and in debilitation sign in Navamsa (D9), we can assume that the planet may give good results at the beginning. But it may not able to continue that good results because of its inherent weakness.
  2.  When a planet is in debilitation in Birth Chart (D1) and exalted in Navamsa (D9), we may assume that the planet may create difficult situations at the beginning. But may give good results as the period progresses due to the fact that it is strong in Navamsa.
  3.  The third possibility is that the planet is in exaltation sign in both Birth Chart and Navamsa Chart. It shows that the period of that planet will give good results because it is strong in both  D1 & D9.
  4. Another possibility is that a planet is in debilitation sign in both Birth Chart & Navamsa Chart, so that planet is  Neecha Vargottama. It means that the planet is low in dignity and would not be able to give good results.

Now the big question is that whether the Neech Vargottama planet is always bad. Are there any exceptions available?  The answer is yes.

So Neecha Vargottama Planet will bestow  reasonable  good results  and recovers itself from the debilitating state if it fulfills two  basic conditions which are as follows:

  1.  If the debilitated planet attains Neechbhang Rajyog in the birth chart.
  2. If natural benefic planets especially Jupiter aspects that Neech Vargottama Planet either in D1 or D9.

Now let us take a chart. Birth details of this person are as follows

Date of Birth: 05/09/1989        Place of Birth: Chandannagar    Time of Birth : 11:30 AM (IST)

Neech Vargottama in Vedic astrology











We can see that the ascendant of the birth chart is Scorpio and lord of the ascendant is strong and placed well in the tenth house.  Now the important planet in this chart is Venus which is Neech Vargottama.

Venus is the seventh(7th) and twelfth lord (12th) placed in eleventh house (11th). It is in its debilitation sign of Virgo.

Now if we assume that Venus as 7th lord incapable of giving marriage to the native because it is neech vargottama then that is not the case here.

Neecha Vargottama in Vedic astrology

 The marriage of this person took place in  2017 in the Major period of Saturn and sub-period of Mercury.  This person is a software engineer by profession and also earns well.

So here we can see Venus attained neechbhang rajyog because it is in conjunction with Mercury in 11th house of the birth chart.

Though Saturn aspect on 7th lord Venus dragged marriage till the late 20s, there is no denial. In Navamsa Chart Jupiter aspects Venus which is a positive aspect and helps Venus to regain some of its strength to give results what it promises in the Birth Chart.

Finally, we can see that Neech Vargottama Planet is not always weak and deny what it promises in the Birth Chart if it gets enough support from other benefics.

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Neecha Vargottama in Vedic astrology