Moon in the sixth house

Moon in the sixth house | Moon in the sixth house of a birth chart

The planet moon is the significator of the mother in Vedic astrology and it controls mind and feelings of a person. Moon in the houses gives results depending upon what is the sign in the house and its relationship with the lord of that sign. We must know the characteristics of the moon before knowing the results of the moon in the sixth house which are as follows:

Characteristics of Moon 
NatureWaxing Moon - Natural Benefic
Waning Moon - Natural Malefic
CasteVaisya (Business Class)
QualitySatwik (Pure)
SeasonVarsha (Rain)
GemstoneMoti (Pearl)
Age70 years
DeityMother Parvati
Physical ConstituentsBlood
ElementsJala (Water)
SensesTaste (Tongue)
Aspect7th from its placement
Lord of SignKarka (Cancer)
Exaltation SignVrishab (Taurus)
Debilitation SignVrishik (Scorpio)
FriendsSun, Mars & Jupiter
NeutralSaturn, Venus, Mercury. Rahu & Ketu

The position of Planet Moon in the sixth house bestows both good and bad results. Its results would depend upon benefic or malefic conjunction & aspect and ownership of houses.

The moon in the sixth house gives uncontrollable emotions. If malefics afflict the Moon then the native would indulge in bad deeds. He would be quarrelsome and he may have many enemies.  Due to affliction, the native has to face health issues which may affect him mentally.

If the moon is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu then the native may face mental disorder problems in bad planetary periods (Dasha & Antardasha). He may have to face depression at some point of time. There would be emotional ups and downs.

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The moon in the sixth house may also give heavy debts. If at the same time second house and its lord is also under heavy affliction then paying off debt would be a herculean task.

If the moon is the lord of sixth itself then it would give extraordinary results with respect to the job. The sixth house represents service and a strong sixth house and its lord bestows excellent growth and opportunities in the service (Job).

The moon also bestows excellent results in its periods if it is the lord of eight or twelfth house. Any relation of the moon by way of conjunction or aspect as the sixth lord with eight or twelfth lord would give Raj yoga.

Moon in the sixth house


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