Moon in the ninth house

Moon in the ninth house of a birth chart


The planet moon is the significator of the mother in Vedic astrology and it controls the mind and feelings of a person. Moon in the houses gives results depending upon what is the sign in the house and its relationship with the lord of that sign. We must know the characteristics of the moon before knowing the results of the moon in the ninth house which are as follows:

Characteristics of Moon 
NatureWaxing Moon - Natural Benefic
Waning Moon - Natural Malefic
CasteVaisya (Business Class)
QualitySatwik (Pure)
SeasonVarsha (Rain)
GemstoneMoti (Pearl)
Age70 years
DeityMother Parvati
Physical ConstituentsBlood
ElementsJala (Water)
SensesTaste (Tongue)
Aspect7th from its placement
Lord of SignKarka (Cancer)
Exaltation SignVrishab (Taurus)
Debilitation SignVrishik (Scorpio)
FriendsSun, Mars & Jupiter
NeutralSaturn, Venus, Mercury. Rahu & Ketu

Moon in the ninth house

The Moon in the ninth house bestows excellent results if it is benefic for the chart.  Waxing moon gives high-level intelligence, success in a higher education and good relationship with father. The person would be lucky and fortunate. He would be prosperous in life and receive support from others in every aspect of life.

If the own sign of the Moon (Cancer) or the exalted sign of the moon (Taurus) falls in this house, the person would be learned and charitable. The moon in this house should not be under the malefic influence. Due to affliction, the significations of the ninth house would suffer and the person would be without luck.

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The Waning Moon, if occupies the ninth house gives troubles in the relationship with father, the person would face obstacles in work and even in every aspect of life. The Moon in its sign of debilitation (Scorpio) gives unnecessary tensions. Due to which the person will have health troubles. If at the same time if it is under heavy affliction it even may give depression to the person.

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The moon aspect the third house from the ninth house. The aspect of Waxing moon gives a good relationship with the younger sibling (Brother or Sister). The person would be courageous and will have a well-balanced mind. He would be good in arts & music and will have artistic talents like singing or dancing. This benefic aspect gives good communication skills to the native. On the other hand, the Waning moon gives contrary results with respect to the significations mentioned above.


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