moon in the eighth house

Moon in the eighth house of a birth chart


The planet moon is the significator of the mother in Vedic astrology and it controls the mind and feelings of a person. Moon in the houses gives results depending upon what is the sign in the house and its relationship with the lord of that sign. We must know the characteristics of the moon before knowing the results of the moon in the eighth house which are as follows:

Characteristics of Moon 
NatureWaxing Moon - Natural Benefic
Waning Moon - Natural Malefic
CasteVaisya (Business Class)
QualitySatwik (Pure)
SeasonVarsha (Rain)
GemstoneMoti (Pearl)
Age70 years
DeityMother Parvati
Physical ConstituentsBlood
ElementsJala (Water)
SensesTaste (Tongue)
Aspect7th from its placement
Lord of SignKarka (Cancer)
Exaltation SignVrishab (Taurus)
Debilitation SignVrishik (Scorpio)
FriendsSun, Mars & Jupiter
NeutralSaturn, Venus, Mercury. Rahu & Ketu

The eight house is one of the Dushtana houses apart from the sixth and the twelfth house. This house mainly signifies longevity, chronic or hereditary diseases, major accidents and danger to life. The placement of Waxing moon bestows long life if the eighth lord occupies any Angle (Kendra) house of a birth chart.

It keeps the person away from chronic diseases or major accidents. The person would be healthy and if the ascendant and its lord are also strong and unafflicted. The benefic aspect on the Moon would bestow both healthy body and mind to the person.

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If the exalted sign (Taurus) or the own sign (Cancer) of the Moon falls in the eighth house, the moon gives long life, healthy body, and mind,  monetary benefits from the spouse. It also gives a good relationship with the in-laws of the person.

The waning moon in the eighth house significantly affects the longevity of a person. It will decrease the bad effects if it is the lord of a Kendra (Angle) or a Trikona (Trine). But at the same time as a Kendra or Trikona lord, it will destroy the good significations of the house it owns.

As a lord of the sixth or the twelfth house, it will bestow excellent results in its periods but it would damage the longevity of the person. It will also give life-threatening accidents or diseases if it is under the malefic influence. It may give watery diseases and accidents like drowning.

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The moon aspect the second house from the eighth house. If its is waxing shows he has emotional connect with the family and has a good relationship with them. It also shows that the person will have good earnings and accumulation of wealth. If the second lord is also strong and under the benefic influence, the person will not face any money related issue in his life. The aspect of the Moon though shows ups and downs in earnings. The waning moon gives the contrary results which are mentioned above.

Moon in the eighth house

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