Mars in the sixth house

Mars in the sixth house of a birth chart

The planet Mars represents courage, aggression, willpower to face difficult situations and physical energy. It is the significator of younger brother or sister in the birth chart. The mars in the houses give results depending upon what is the sign in the house and its relationship with the lord of that sign. We must know the characteristics of the Mars before knowing the results of the Mars in the sixth house which are as follows:

Characteristics of Mars 
NatureNatural Malefic
CasteKshatriya (Warrior Class)
QualityTamas ( Cruel or Dark)
ColourDark Red
SeasonGrishma (summer)
GemstoneCoral (Moonga)
Age16 years
DeityLord Kartikeya
Physical ConstituentsMarrow
ElementsTejas (Fire)
SensesVision (Eyes)
Aspect4th,7th & 8th from its placement
Lord of SignMesha (Aries) & Vrishik (Scorpio)
Mooltrikona SignMesha (Aries)
Exaltation SignMakar (Capricorn)
Debilitation SignKarka (Cancer)
FriendsSun, Moon, Jupiter & Ketu
NeutralSaturn & Venus
EnemiesMercury & Rahu

The sixth house is one of the Upachaya houses and natural malefics give great results in this house. So if any natural malefic occupies the third, sixth, tenth & the eleventh house would give extraordinary results. It should not be the lord of any angle (Kendra) or trine(Trikona). Otherwise, it would destroy the good significations of those houses which it owns.

As a sixth lord in the sixth house would give Raj Yoga results with respect to employment. Through his courage, he would knock down all his enemies. If ascendant and its lord are strong then it endows good health and status to the person. If it is under heavy affliction by the malefics, the person would face troubles from enemies and health. He may have to face humiliation in his life.

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If Mars is the eight or the twelfth house lord then it would give Raj Yoga results. Wherever the lords of Dushtana Houses (6th, 8th & 12th) occupies they destroy the significations of these houses. It may be Kendra, Trikona or Dushtana houses. If they occupy Kendra or Trikona it destroys good significations of these houses. Similarly, if these house lords occupy Dushtana houses then they destroy the bad significations of these houses and give good results.

The Mars aspects the ninth, twelfth and the first house (Ascendant) from the sixth house. These aspects are very powerful and where it aspects it destroy the houses. Except if the Mars is the lord of the ascendant or Yogakaraka.

Mars in the sixth house


This bad aspect of the Mars on these houses may give a bad relationship with father.  Sometimes the relationship would be good but father health would be a concern. It also gives bad luck, breaks or delays in higher education, unnecessary long travels, medical and wasteful expenses, health troubles, arrogance, overconfidence and would be quarrelsome.

If the sign Cancer falls in this house then Mars would give good results with respect to the sixth house but the houses it owns would suffer. But if it is in the exaltation sign Capricorn then the person would receive bad results of the sixth house but good results of the houses it owns. If neither exaltation sign nor debilitation sign falls in the sixth house then the sixth house along with the houses the Mars owns would suffer.

Mars in the sixth house


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