Mars in the eighth house

Mars in the eighth house of a birth chart

The planet Mars represents courage, aggression, willpower to face difficult situations and physical energy. It is the significator of younger brother or sister in the birth chart. The mars in the houses give results depending upon what is the sign in the house and its relationship with the lord of that sign. We must know the characteristics of the Mars before knowing the results of the Mars in the eighth house which are as follows:

Characteristics of Mars 
NatureNatural Malefic
CasteKshatriya (Warrior Class)
QualityTamas ( Cruel or Dark)
ColourDark Red
SeasonGrishma (summer)
GemstoneCoral (Moonga)
Age16 years
DeityLord Kartikeya
Physical ConstituentsMarrow
ElementsTejas (Fire)
SensesVision (Eyes)
Aspect4th,7th & 8th from its placement
Lord of SignMesha (Aries) & Vrishik (Scorpio)
Mooltrikona SignMesha (Aries)
Exaltation SignMakar (Capricorn)
Debilitation SignKarka (Cancer)
FriendsSun, Moon, Jupiter & Ketu
NeutralSaturn & Venus
EnemiesMercury & Rahu

The Mars would give good results only if its own signs (Aries or Scorpio) falls in the eighth house. In that case, the person would be long-lived and happy throughout the life. He would be free from chronic diseases and have a good relationship with the in-laws. He would receive monetary benefit from the spouse(Husband or Wife).

If the Mars is the lord of an Angle (Kendra) or a Trine (Trikona), it destroys the good significations of those houses. If it is the lord of other Dushtana houses, this placement gives good results but affects the longevity and the relationship with the spouse.

The eighth house represents the reproductive organs (Secret Parts). If the Mars is in the sign of debilitation (Cancer), it gives problems related to sexual organs. If it is under heavy malefic affliction, it gives chronic diseases and accidents in life. It also gives danger to the spouse life (Being Marak place to the seventh house), problems to father (Being twelfth to the ninth house) and bad luck to the person.

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The Mars aspects the second, third and the eleventh house from the eighth house. If any of its signs fall in any these houses it gives good results. Otherwise, this aspect would affect the relation not only with the older siblings but younger siblings as well. He would face continues troubles and obstacles in every aspect of life. It would be difficult to achieve goals and fulfillment of dreams will remain as dreams.

The person would have weak eyesight and he will have a sickly body if the lord of the ascendant is also weak, placed in Dushtana houses and under malefic affliction. He would be quarrelsome and loses his temper in no time. He would like to mess with other people and face injuries due to this altitude.

If the lords of these houses are strong and aspected by benefics then we can expect some good results from these houses.


Mars in the eighth house


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