Jupiter in the third house

Jupiter in the third house of a birth chart


The planet Jupiter is the significator of wisdom, wealth, knowledge, children and elder brother. It also represents the husband in the female chart. Let us know the characteristics before knowing the results of Jupiter in the third house of a birth chart.

Characteristics of Jupiter 
NatureNatural Benefic
CasteBrahmin (Priest Class)
QualitySatwik (Pure)
GemstonePukhraj (Yellow Sapphire)
Age30 years
DeityLord Shiva
Physical ConstituentsFat
SensesSound (Ear)
Aspect5th,7th & 9th from its placement
Lord of SignDhanu (Sagittarius) & Meena (Pisces)
Mooltrikona SignDhanu (Sagittarius)
Exaltation SignKarka (Cancer)
Debilitation SignMakar (Capricorn)
FriendsSun, Moon, Mars & Rahu
NeutralSaturn & Ketu
EnemiesMercury & Venus

Jupiter in the third house

The Jupiter in the third house not only gives creativity in the work but overall creativity as well. The third house is the eleventh house to the fifth house which shows gains with respect to the fifth house significations.

The Jupiter is the natural significator of knowledge. The person would be able to use the knowledge and creativity together. The person may work in whatever field, he/she would be able to gain respect, fame and wealth due to their special abilities to do work differently.

If the Jupiter is functional benefic for the chart it bestows exceptional results. It gives a good relationship with siblings (Brother or Sister). The person will have good communication skills and he may become a good negotiator. The Jupiter will help more in the fields of teaching or law where communications skills and knowledge both are required.

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The third house mainly signifies courage, siblings, short travel, communication skills, blogging, and marketing. If the lord of the third house is strong and occupies favourable houses in the birth chart, the person would be fortunate with respect to the third house significations.

The person would be courageous and would deal with any problem by taking into consideration all the pros and cons of the decision. This position of Jupiter is also good for publishing books related to spirituality. The person may have to do short travels for work for a long time or he may be in a work where travel is necessary.

If any of the signs (Sagittarius or Pisces) of the Jupiter or the sign of exaltation (Cancer) falls in the third house and there is no malefic influence on this placement of the Jupiter, the person would receive extraordinary results with respect to the third house.

If the Jupiter is the functional malefic or placed in his sign of debilitation (Capricorn), the results would be disastrous with respect to the third house significations.

The siblings would play the roles of enemies in his life and there will be no emotional connect or love between them. The person would unnecessarily wonder different places with no benefits eventually. The person will show himself as courageous but from internally he would be weak.

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The Jupiter aspect the seventh, the ninth and the eleventh house. If any of the sign of the Jupiter falls in this house, the person would receive good results with respect to the significations of these houses. The Jupiter is the strong natural benefic and however it is placed, its aspects always do good.

Due to the benefic aspect, the person would have a happy married life and a good understanding spouse. If the person is in business, the aspect of Jupiter on the seventh house would bring success to him.

The person depending upon the support of the twelfth house may get the chance to travel to foreign countries. The lord of the seventh house should be strong to get even more excellent results.

The person would be lucky and fortunate. His father would be happy and will always support him. The person will receive high education and monetary gains in his life. The person would fulfil all his dreams and would get success in all his endeavours.

Jupiter in the third house

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