Jupiter in the second house

Jupiter in the second house of a birth chart


The planet Jupiter is the significator of wisdom, wealth, knowledge, children and elder brother. It also represents the husband in the female chart. Let us know the characteristics before knowing the results of Jupiter in the second house.

Characteristics of Jupiter 
NatureNatural Benefic
CasteBrahmin (Priest Class)
QualitySatwik (Pure)
GemstonePukhraj (Yellow Sapphire)
Age30 years
DeityLord Shiva
Physical ConstituentsFat
SensesSound (Ear)
Aspect5th,7th & 9th from its placement
Lord of SignDhanu (Sagittarius) & Meena (Pisces)
Mooltrikona SignDhanu (Sagittarius)
Exaltation SignKarka (Cancer)
Debilitation SignMakar (Capricorn)
FriendsSun, Moon, Mars & Rahu
NeutralSaturn & Ketu
EnemiesMercury & Venus

Jupiter in the second house

Jupiter in the second house gives financial security and prosperity to the person. The lord of the second house should be under the benefic influence and must be strong. If any of the signs of Jupiter (Sagittarius or Pisces) falls in the second house, Jupiter creates a  powerful Dhan Yoga by itself.

The Jupiter as the lord of the fifth, ninth or the eleventh lord occupies This Jupiter should not be under the malefic influence by way of conjunction or aspect. Due to affliction, the good significations of the house will suffer.

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The second house also represents family, food and primary education. The Jupiter as a functional benefic bestows good relationship with all family members. They will live in harmony. The person would be fond of trying different dishes. The primary education of the person would be excellent. He will be intelligent and will have a good knowledge.

The Jupiter as a functional malefic or in the occupation of its debilitation sign (Capricorn) gives troubles in a relationship with family members. There would be a problem in earnings and accumulation of money.  It also gives troubles with respect to the mouth. The person may have to face oral diseases. The primary education of the person would suffer due to the weakness of the second house.

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The Jupiter aspect the sixth, eighth and the tenth house. The aspect of Jupiter on the sixth house keeps the enemies away. He would be healthy if the lord of the ascendant is also beneficially disposed and aspected by benefics.  The aspect on the eighth house is good for the longevity if the eighth lord occupies a Kendra (Angle) or a Trikona (Trine) and not under the malefic influence. The relationship with in-laws would be great and there would be monetary benefit from the spouse (Husband or Wife).

The aspect on the tenth house brings high status and success in profession or employment. The person would be hardworking and achieve success in his life due to his intelligence. The good placement and benefic influence on the tenth lord brings fame, name and wealth to the native.

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