Jupiter in the first house

Jupiter in the first house of a birth chart


The planet Jupiter is the significator of wealth, knowledge, children and elder brother. It also represents the husband in the female chart. Let us know the characteristics before knowing the results of Jupiter in the first house.

Characteristics of Jupiter 
NatureNatural Benefic
CasteBrahmin (Priest Class)
QualitySatwik (Pure)
GemstonePukhraj (Yellow Sapphire)
Age30 years
DeityLord Shiva
Physical ConstituentsFat
SensesSound (Ear)
Aspect5th,7th & 9th from its placement
Lord of SignDhanu (Sagittarius) & Meena (Pisces)
Mooltrikona SignDhanu (Sagittarius)
Exaltation SignKarka (Cancer)
Debilitation SignMakar (Capricorn)
FriendsSun, Moon, Mars & Rahu
NeutralSaturn & Ketu
EnemiesMercury & Venus

Jupiter in the first house

The first house is the best place for Jupiter. The position of Jupiter in the first house is very special due to the fact that it gets Directions strength (Dig Bal) in this house. Due to this Jupiter is super strong and capable of giving extraordinary results. According to our Vedic astrology classics, the Jupiter in the angles (Kendra’s) removes 60 to 70 percent bad influences (Doshas) in the chart.

The Jupiter in the first is good for longevity and if the ascendant Lord is also strong and unafflicted or aspected by benefics, the person will remain healthy. Even if he suffers from any disease, he would recover fast. The person will have strong Aura and immune system. He will have a strong personality and become famous due to his knowledge and intelligence.

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This placement of the Jupiter also bestows confidence and success to the person. If any of the owns sign (Sagittarius and Pisces) or exalted sign (cancer) falls in the first house, the Jupiter forms Hamsa yog. This yoga is one of the Panchamahapurush yoga which is capable of giving name, fame, wealth and high status to the native.

If the Jupiter is the lord of an angle (Kendra) or a Trine (Trikona) i.e. a functional benefic, it also bestows excellent results. If it is under malefic influences, the benefic results would come down. As a functional, the placement of Jupiter brings health troubles and struggle in a person’s life. Same results would be received if it is in the sign of debilitation (Capricorn) and there is no benefic aspect or it is not getting neechbhang Raj yog due to the cancellation of its debilitation.

The Jupiter is the most beneficial planet and it’s aspects always does well even if it is a functional malefic. It aspect the fifth, seventh and the ninth house from its position. The aspect of the Jupiter on houses makes the significations of those house flourish. The aspect of Jupiter on malefic planets control’s the maleficence of those planets. On the other side, it’s aspects on benefics makes them, even stronger to bestow good results.

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Due to the benefic aspect on these houses the person would be intelligent and brings creativity in his work. The fifth house represents progeny, so it’s aspect shows childbirth and happiness from the child. The fifth house is also a house of mantra so the person would be benefited from reciting mantras. The person would receive success in the share market.

He would receive love and support from his father. The person would be spiritual and a strong believer in his religion. He would take pilgrimage many times in his life. His relation with his spouse would be emotional and inseparable. The marital life would be full of happiness and the person would grow professionally after his/her marriage.

He would be famous without any doubt. The quantum of fame depends upon the inherent strength of the Jupiter. The luck would favor him and he would be highly educated. He would also receive many changes to tour foreign countries.

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